Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan for Marbury, Norbury and Wirswall

This page is where you can find out how our Neighbourhood Plan is progressing and have your say. 

Our Neighbourhood Plan

We have reached the stage of producing a draft Neighbourhood Plan.  The draft plan has been sent to Cheshire East Neighbourhood Planning Team for their feedback and to review our next steps.

Our Neighbourhood Plan allows us to have a voice in the future planning of our community. The plan includes a description of our Parish, Vision and Objectives and detailed planning policies covering the protection of the countryside, heritage, housing, the local economy, building design, tourism, recreation and local telecommunications infrastructure.

Our Neighbourhood Plan has to be in conformity with national planning policy and the Cheshire East Local Plan.  Having an adopted plan means that planners must take into account our vision of what the future looks like and what is appropriate for our combined Parish.

Our plan is about ‘land use’, what the land is used for, what is supported (and what is not) and how any development fits in to our environment and how it impacts the community and other matters requiring or affecting planning consent.  Our plan does not cover issues or problems relating to the state of the roads, speed limits, litter, or public transport.

Now we are at the stage of where we need your views on the draft plan prior to a Spring Time event in Marbury Village Hall where the Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed again, explained, discussed, and further refined.

View the Draft Neighbourhood Plan here:

Link to the draft Neighbourhood Plan

Your views at this stage are important to the Working Group.  So please, take the time to read through the draft plan via the link above. 

When you are ready to provide your views you can follow the link below to complete the short survey below.   All responses are anonymous and the results will be published in due course.  The survey will remain open until the Spring Time event in Marbury Village Hall.

Take the Draft Neighbourhood Plan Initial Feedback Survey now:

 Link to the Survey

Updates to the Neighbourhood Plan

You can check out where we are up to on our plan here, it will contain all the key documents as we make progress:

Please also find the links to the following Neighbourhood Plan Documents:

Neighbourhood Plan Flyer

Marbury, Norbury and Wirswall Neighbourhood Plan Initial Survey Results

Marbury, Norbury and Wirswall Neighbourhood Plan Design Code

Marbury, Norbury and Wirswall Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Terms of Reference