Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan for Marbury, Norbury and Wirswall

This page is where you can find out how our Neighbourhood Plan is progressing and have your say.  As we get further into the process this page will be updated to show what progress we have made and the results of our initial survey.

Why Create a Neighbourhood Plan?

We have the right to produce a Neighbourhood Plan that allows us to have a big say in the future planning of our community. Topics covered can include the protection of the countryside, heritage, housing, the local economy, design, tourism and recreation etc.  There are 30 adopted Neighbourhood Plans in Cheshire East, with many more underway.  Your Parish Council has successfully applied for a grant to help with the cost.

A Neighbourhood Plan has to be in conformity with national planning policy and the Cheshire East Local Plan.  However, having an adopted plan means that planners must take into account our vision of what the future looks like and what is appropriate for our combined Parish.

Remember, we live in a rural area in open countryside, rich in heritage, history and wildlife sites with no big housing developments.

Neighbourhood Plans are used by Cheshire East Council to help determine planning applications in our Parish. This means that our plan must be about ‘land use’ and other matters requiring or affecting planning consent.  For example, it cannot cover issues such as state of the roads, speed limits, litter, or public transport.

Producing a Neighbourhood Plan involves us all.  At the end of the process it will be independently examined and you will be able to vote in a referendum to adopt it. When it is safe to do so, we will hold some events in the Village Hall where the Neighbourhood Plan can be explained and discussed and further developed.  For now though, we would love to hear your views as we start the process. 

We would be very grateful if you would take the time to complete the questionnaire online using the “Take the Survey” link below.

Thank you in advance for getting involved and sharing your views.

Take the Survey here - Please see below for the results of the Survey.

Updates to the Neighbourhood Plan

You can check out where we are up to on our plan here, it will contain all the key documents as we make progress:

Please also find the links to the following Neighbourhood Plan Documents:

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