Things to keep you occupied during the Coronavirus pandemic…

§  Plant some seeds

§  Do online courses at FutureLearn - you can choose ones for career, enjoyment or health and there is even a Covid19 course.

§  Tour virtual museums all over the world…/museums-with-virtual-tou…

§  Sort out those cupboards and be ruthless in only keeping things that you use or love. 

§  Sort out your papers and finances 

§  Sit down with your phone or PC and put your favourite photos into online albums and delete the rest. Maybe order some hardback photo books too. 

§  Make chutneys and baking 

§  Art

§  Set up an online book group with your friends. 

§  Pick up the phone and talk to people rather than just browsing their Facebook!

§  Free audio/ebooks, classic and avant garde films, lessons of all types, readings ...all sorts including free colouring pages from top museums. They are definitely not your average colouring book.

§  I haven’t tested these links but if you are going to miss the theatre - here are where you can find recordings of live musicals.

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