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From a Marbury resident:

To the Parish Councillors of Marbury and District Parish Council in respect of footpath users straying onto private land

We are writing to kindly ask you to disseminate the contents of this letter across the Parish. 

By way of background, we are the owners of the land adjacent to the Swan Inn. As you will be aware there is a footpath running from Wrenbury Rd next to the Old Smithy to the back of the Old School House.  This is a long established footpath and we have no objection to villagers and visitors alike using it.  However we are aware that some footpath users have been straying off the footpath and onto what is private land. Furthermore it is also apparent that some users have even strayed some way across the private land to join up with another established footpath from Mere View to the Canal Lock. 

We would like to stress to users of the footpaths that straying from them constitutes trespass. The footpath to the Canal Lock can be accessed further along Wrenbury Road so there is absolutely no need to illegally cross the field.  

As such we would kindly ask if, through the Parish Council meetings, the Parish magazine and any other communications to the village, you could ask people to respect the rights of land owners in general and not to stray from the footpaths.  

In order to remind footpath users, including visitors to the village, of their obligations in this regard it is our intention to put some signs along the existing path to ensure it is clear where people can and can’t walk. We hope that the combination of you communicating with the village and the proposed signage will be sufficient to put an end to the practice of straying from the footpaths.

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